A complete web based solution for Banks, Money Exchange
Companies and Money Transfer Operators

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the foreign exchange and remittance operations

Manage compliance, monitor AML, and facilitate remittances through the back- and front-offices

A feature-rich money transfer business software

Provide a full range of services to your customers including foreign exchange,
local and international money transfers, and bill payment services.

Streamline your money exchange services

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a seamless
method for customers to transfer and access money.

We Digitalise
it for you

Automate manual operations to save time and money while providing a
streamlined and cost-effective experience for your customers.

Flexibility that gives you
enhanced FX ability

A cost-effective remittance solution
empowering Remote migrant workers



CODEPOINT Remittance offers a complete, low-cost, integrated and fully supported currency transfer solution to licensed money transfer organizations of any size, worldwide.

By implementing AccuMExS, your business will be future-proofed and move forward at a constant rate. Stay at ease for the next 15 years.

Who we serve ?

  • Exchange Houses &
    Money Service Providers

    Our flexible international payment and currency exchange software solutions offer a fast turnaround with your compliance in place, and hence a low cost of ownership.

  • Banks

    With our faster
    processes and cost-effective transactions offer your
    customers the international payments experience
    they demand.

  • Remittance

    Complete out of the box or configured White labelled software to suit you and help you deliver an international payments experience remitters want.

An End-To-End Remittance Solution

and all-in-one
remittance platform
for businesses

What we provide?

We build International Payment Platforms


Chairwomen's Message

I would like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the AccuMExS team.  Here, you can find information about our history, our latest achievements, and the products and services we offer. Frictionless transactions have long been perceived as a major challenge, yet nobody seems to be doing it well. Thus, we set out to make it happen.  With close to three decades of experience in the remittance industry, I had the privilege of introducing & pioneering the first Money Exchange System in the Middle East Remittance Market.  We can offer a fast, affordable and secure way for merchants, schools, ecommerce and other companies  I am proud of what we have accomplished as a team and as we look to the future we will continue to build on the pillars that have helped us become so successful. Most importantly, we will be whole-heartedly dedicated to our customers, shareholders, business partners and the communities we serve. 

With this pledge, CODEPOINT Solutions is committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in financial services based on sustainable growth and development. Once again, welcome to our website.

Grace Cherian


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Freqently Asked Questions

How can I acquire my system?

The system can be adjusted to your business needs.

Do you have an accounting module in your system?

Yes, a full fledged accounting system is available within Accumex with all the financial reports like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P&L etc.

Can I integrate with other providers?

Yes. We can help you fully integrate via API with other systems/partners.

Is there a demo?

Yes. A demo is also available. Just send us a message on the CONTACT page.

Do you have an application compatible with the system?

An Android/iOS application is available for doing outward remittances for specific plans.

Can I export data from my system?

Definitely you can run reports and export information in the form of pdf and CSV

Does your software have email/ SMS notifications?

Yes. The notifications for email as well as SMS are supported by the system.

Does AccuMExS comply with regulations?

Yes. Our system has a compliance feature which checks the transaction in either a sending or receiving country.